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Move & Rotate with Ease

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Quick and Easy to use. This software will allow you to unleash your creativity.

Free Online Videos

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Make the Cut Classroom: A great way to learn this software at your own pace. All our tutorials are free and are downloadable.

Your Visual Mat

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Quick and Easy to use. This software will allow you to unleash your creativity.

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    Create your own designs. You are no longer limited to Cartridges. Use your creativity to design unique shapes for your machine to cut.
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    Easy to move and size items on your Virtual Mat. It's as simple as clicking and dragging to move and size your cuts.
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    Install on Multiple Computers. One license purchase allows you to install and use Make the Cut on every computer you own. Only one copy may be running at any one given time.
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    Import and Export SVGs. SVG files can be created or download from many websites that offer SVG files.
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    Cut TTF Fonts. Cut any True Type Fonts that are installed on your computer.
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    AutoTracing. Trace a photo to cut out. You can trace BMP, JPG, PNG..
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    Online Forums. Great way to get instant support or help others.
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    Automatic Updates. When updates come out you are notified within the program.
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    FREE UPGRADES & UPDATES for Life. When an update or upgrade comes out you won't be spending any more money.

Do you have one of these machines?

  • Black Cat Cougar and Lynx
  • KNK (Klick N Kut) Machines - All of them
  • Boss Kut Gazelle
  • USCutters MH/Laser Point Series
  • Craftwell eCraft
  • Cutting Machines that support HPGL Printing
  • Silhouette SD™ and Cameo™ including Print and Cut!
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We have many great tutorials in HD that will take you get you started with Make the Cut Software. We also have written tutorials that are task orientated and free for you to download and use.

For some of the basic tasks in Make the Cut Software -

Multiple ways to learn and get help for free!

Scrappydew's Basic Help Guide places this guide out there as a free reference. We put hard work into making sure each step was documented so it would be easy to follow. As you will notice we didn't think of everything that you can possibly do in this program, we have only provided some basic starting steps. This is not a technical manual and it will not tell you what every button will do. The quick guide is task orientated, so with that said if you have a question that should be added in the guide send us an email.

The main goal of this guide is to give you a solid foundation so you may progress and create what you want while getting the desired results. We do change and update the manual often so always check to see what's new. We will never charge money for this guide nor should you have to pay for one.

Feel free to download the manuals and send others here to check it out. You may take this to a copy store and print it out for personal use.

Make the Cut Online Forum

The creators of Make the Cut sofware have actually set up a great online community which is also know as a forum. There you will find people sharing ideas, designs, tutorials as well as a place to get user generated help.

The old saying is if you have a question go ahead and ask it because more than likely others are thinking the same thing. That is the way Make the Cut's online forum works. They have a search field where you can type in your question because someone else may have asked it.

This is a great online tool for you to get almost instant help with a world wide community that is there to support and help everyone.