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Limited Time Price: $59.95*

*This is a download only price only and if a CD is requested there will be an increase in price. The price is subject to change, ScrappyDew has no control over the price of Sure Cuts A Lot.

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What's New in Version 3

  • New ways to manipulate and organize objects including Select All, Group and Ungrouping
  • Break Apart feature to ungroup outlines in fonts and imported files.
  • Drawing Tools to draw and edit shapes
  • Add multiple pages
  • Use layers to organize objects within a page
  • Add and modify text more easily
  • Auto tracing feature to automatically convert images for cutting
  • Show rulers using inches or centimeters
  • Additional shapes added in the Shapes Library
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Sure Cuts A Lot 3 has the same great features of Version 2 but includes support for a variety of electronic cutting machines. While version 3 does not support the Cricut™, it does support the following:

  • Black Cat Cougar/Lynx
  • BossKut Gazelle
  • Craftwell eCraft
  • CraftRobo/Graphtec
  • GCC
  • Foison
  • Liyu
  • Pazzles Inspiration/Pro
  • Ramtin™
  • Roland
  • Seiki
  • Silhouette SD/CAMEO/Portrait
  • Silver Bullet
  • USCutter Copam/LaserPoint/MH/PCUT/SC/TC
  • Vinyl Express
  • Wishblade
  • and more!

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Upgrading is easy. If you already have SCAL1 and you would like to upgrade to the latest version of Sure Cuts A Lot then follow these instructions.

Once you complete these steps you should see a reflection in the price.

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

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Just Purchase Sure Cuts A Lot 3 or Upgrade your SCAL1 via our Website

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Starter Package Files
How do you get this Starter Pack?

  1. Buy SCAL and Complete Checkout via the Buy Now Buttons on our website or Click Here
  2. Contact Us - Letting us know your Order Number and Purchase date. And fill out all the information
  3. Make sure you get a confirmation email once you hit submit on our Contact Form.. and that's it!

Then you will get a confirmation email from us and it may take up to 24 (usually less than 6 hrs) hours before you will get your starter pack. You will receive an email containing download links that will expire in 24 hours.

Important Must Read
If you don't see our email and you are not able to download files in time, just send us an email and we will extend so you can use our files. We are very understanding please understand that we have to put time limits on downloads otherwise links could be shared and there wouldn't be an incentive for others to purchase SCAL though us.

Download links are also provide because of email accounts cannot handle the sizes of files we distribute.

** doesn't set the current price of Sure Cuts A Lot. Therefore we can't guarantee that the price will reflect the extra 10% off. (So what we're saying is if it works great! If it doesn't let us know...)

Looking for SCAL2?

In March, 2011, Provo Craft challenged Craft Edge in an intellectual property dispute even though SCAL 1 & 2 had been on the market for more than three years. As with most cases, they reached an amicable settlement in May, 2011. Provo Craft did not win a lawsuit against Craft Edge. Rather, Craft Edge made a business decision to discontinue offering software that supports Cricut cutting systems. This decision had been planned for some time and is partly why SCAL 2 does not support the Cricut Imagine or the limited edition Expression 2.

The personal cutting systems market is emerging and rapidly changing. There are a number of excellent alternatives to Cricut (R) systems on the market and more are likely to be introduced in the future. Craft Edge decided to focus its resources to support the growing number of personal cutting systems rather than to allow itself to become distracted in an unproductive, complex and expensive intellectual property rights challenge. Craft Edge remains the leading software development company for personal cutting systems and is committed to providing innovative software that provides greater consumer choices and creative freedom.

You may be able to find it on eBay…or it may be cheaper to buy a different machine.

We find it amazing that people are willing to pay more so much for the software on eBay. Who could have imaged that this software would be in such a high demand when the alternative of buying another cutter is much cheaper and will more than likely yield better results.

Below you will see a listing for active sales on eBay for SCAL2 just to show you what's out there. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions you have about SCAL 2.

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