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Ecamm Live

by Ecamm Network

Stream to Facebook Live, Youtube Live, or Periscope

Ecamm Live is the perfect way to dynamically broadcast live like a professional without the pain of knowing a bunch of technology. Quickly create scenes (add video, cameras, overlays, pre-recorded video) so that you can have a professional broadcast.

This software is Mac Only and very powerful allowing you to broadcast to Youtube, Facebook, and Periscope. You can even broadcast to all three using this software coupled with another service (free).

With Ecamm Live you are able to bring in guests via their Skype Recorder app that actually comes bundled with this program.

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Overlays gives you the ability to create lower thirds or logos to be present during your broadcast.

Easily share your desktop or app specific with ability to have Picture in Picture while sharing.

Ecamm Live gives you the ability to bring in multiple Skype Guests in to your broadcast.

Bring comments in while you live stream. You don't even have to leave the app to get the comments to show.

Ecamm Live Video Lessons by ScrappyDew

Listed below are some videos on getting you started with Ecamm Live software. We also have some advanced videos going over the software as well.

Ecamm Live Video Player

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Advanced Lessons


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