Men and their Toys July 20, 2013 08:03

I am NOT good at making cards for guys.  Never have been.  (practice makes perfect, ha ha ha)  But I have two guy birthdays that are only 5 days apart. I have made race cars, under the sea and patriotic cards for these two men and I needed to come up with something simple but heartfelt.  I had purchased the ScrappyDew file Tool Box bundle package 2011  and thought I might be able to use it.  So here is what I created.

Using Make The Cut software, I enlarged the tool box to card size, duplicated it and welded together the two to make a folding card.  This bundle comes with fantastic tools and I picked some out and made sure that they would be large enough for the card.  After making all the tools the card needed something, not glitter but something.  So I grabbed a couple of brads, got my sharpies and colored them to match the card.  Then I cut off the prongs and used 3D foam squares to attached them like bolts.  Now for the inside.

I had taken pictures of each of the guys toys many years ago.  Thank goodness I never throw/delete pictures.  (another saving bacon moment)  I printed out the pics and glued each to the top inside of the correct card.  Took some corresponding card stock glued to the bottom half, embossed and attached the tools.  And presto chango my guys cards are done!  

Short, sweet and heartfelt.  I think that I accomplished that.  Now I need to go make the huge batch of chocolate chip cookies for Bob and Butterscotch cookies for Duane.  Then I can call these two birthdays done for another year!  

Next post will be something a little more my style with bling and sparkle.  May your week be filled with bright blessings!