I'm Back! September 30, 2015 10:39

I'm back

I took the summer off from ScrappyDew design team.  I missed working with ScrappyDew.  You have seen the talent of Chrystal, Rob is always so good to keep me feeling included, and Michelle is so helpful, plus I have made new friends on the team.  I am glad to be back.  I decided to stay at every other week so I don't get overwhelmed with my crazy life.   I am back now with my first project.  I have really loved the file Love at First Sight.  I just think it is such a neat idea...and we all have pictures just like this.  I was finally able to use this file so I can scrap those precious first photos.
I used the Scrappy Dew stamps on the mom and dad, and Peachy Keen stamps on the baby.  I am so glad there were stamps that tiny, I really didn't want to piece on the tiny eyeballs and nose.  I did another set of pieces and had the baby's eyes open.  This was also the set that made me say enough is enough and opened my new ink.  It seemed to work better, so hopefully no more faded faces!
Thanks for stopping by.