Silver Bullet Cutter - Laser Like Cutting with a Blade May 01, 2015 07:30



So we were invited to help host a Sliver Bullet Professional Cutter webinar where it focused on speed and detail cutting. Sherri (the owner/creator of the Silver Bullet) decided to send me an entire roll of Tyvek. I have never heard of this material but she said the machine will cut this material like "butter." And to tell you the truth, it did. 

When cutting this roll of Tyvek to something that could fit on the mat, I did use scissors. The scissors went through the material with ease as if it were wrapping paper. However, if you actually try to tear Tyvek with your hands, you can't. Very surprised at this as the scissors seemed to have no problem going through the material.

The detailed image that was decided upon to cut is the Leopard you see below. This image is an SVG from and it's all in one piece. 

If you watch the entire webinar you will actually see the Silver Bullet cut this project out. Having the ability to cut at 800mm/s will save you time. The total time from start of the cut to finish was 5 minutes and 29 seconds. In the video you do hear Sherri say several times that when you're cutting to not be afraid to use the max velocity (except when it comes to thicker material).

To give you an idea about nodes a circle should only have 4 nodes and a triangle would only have 3. Nodes and segments are what makes cutlines on a project. This project file isn't your average file as it has over 4000 nodes giving you a very detailed project.

Take a look at the detail of this cut with the whiskers. A penny is placed on here for reference so you can get an idea of the precision of the cut.