Get Regal Split Fonts for Free May 19, 2015 17:41



So if you have ever tried to actually use the regal font in your cutting software you will find that it is full of tiny pieces that will not cut well. So if you're finding yourself needing split letter fonts you will have to watch this video and learn how you can get this font. It has been digitally altered for cutting specifically for cutting.


You can get these SVG Split SVG's for free - no need to purchase them. If you're using the font that Regal you'll see that it was truly meant for printing rather than cutting. Julie and the MTC group have compiled the entire alphabet into an easy download for FREE. 

Julie will show you how easy it is getting them into MTC and I will show you how you can download the SVG file.

Step 1: Join the Yahoo Group 

Step 2: Wait for Julie to Approve you.

Step 3: Watch the video above on how to navigate to where she keeps it.

If you're looking to get Make the Cut:

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