Sure Cuts A Lot 4: Line Fill December 08, 2015 07:40

Line Fill Silver Bullet Pen Tool2


Line Fill & Silver Bullet Professional

Took a few minutes to “play” with some fonts and my Silver Bullet ProfessionalSure Cuts A Lot 4 has a great feature called Line Fill. It’s fantastic for filling in text when using the Pen Tool. It can also be used with the Engraving Toolor embossing pens. There are so many options!


The above video demonstrates the Engraving Tool being used to engrave on a tile. 


 Line Fill Silver Bullet Pen Tool

This set of three holders allows you to choose any one of three different widths for ensuring that your pen is held securely no matter the size. The outer takes pens/tools up to 12.8 mm. Each of the other holders can be stacked inside the first one to hold smaller items. The middle takes up to 11.7 mm and the smallest takes items to 9.4 mm. These wildly popular holders can handle even the smallest Sakura pens and glue pens for just about any project.


For MichelleMyBelle, I used Monte Carlo Regular by Rob Leuschke. Marker Felt Wide for ScrappyDew Classroom. Below are the settings used for the ScrappyDew text. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 9.13.41 AM

You can access the “Line Fill” feature in SCAL by going to Effects>Line Fill. Give it a try, you can create a variety of fills by changing the settings.

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