Chomas Holder & Engraving Settings for Silhouette Machines

Adjustable Pen Holder

Normal gel pens
Thickness  5-9  Speed  6-7

Longer to dry gel pens like Sakura Glaze or Souffle
Thickness  5-9 Speed 1-2

Stylus for embossing (use with Chomas Creations embossing mat)
Thickness    33 Speed 6-8
May need to use double cut (do this without removing the mat or adjustable pen holder from the machine)

Stylus for scoring (do not use an embossing mat)
Thickness    33  Speed  6-8
May need to use double cut, or even to cut it 3-4 times depending on how thick your cardstock is.

Adjustable Marker Holder

Permanent markers such as Sharpies, Bic Mark-Its
Thickness  1-5 Speed  3-5
May use a double cut to make your design even darker on glossy surfaces

Longer to dry gel pens like Signo Uniball White
Thickness  5-9 Speed 1-2

Normal no bleed pens and markers
Thickness  5-9  Speed 5-6

Glue pens (keep the speed slow so you don't smear)
Thickness  5-9 Speed 1-2


Acrylic, Core'dinations cardstock, metal sheets
Thickness  33  Speed 5-6
May need to use double cut



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