ScrappyDew Vault Members

A lot of great pattern sets in the vault. As we replace some of our patterns in the store we retire them to the vault. Typically every 4 months we will place a Vault Member only pattern set that was never available in the store. The typical member gets a special coupon code that gives them a savings from 70-90% off of our current pattern sets. A great way to save, the ScrappyDew way!

Once you're a member you will have access to all those previous freebie patterns. We only offer one public freebie pattern at a time on our blog but as a member you get access to all of them!

ScrappyDew Vault Member Perks

  • All 65 ScrappyDew Sets released in 2011
  • 10 ScrappyDew Packages Retired Sets (before 2011)
  • Previous Freebies from over the years
  • Unlimited Downloading
  • No Recurring Fees
  • Come back and re-download patterns
  • Special Vault Coupons for ScrappyDew Patterns
  • The ability to upgrade to GOLD Status.




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