SVG Library - For Mac or Windows

$ 25.00

Have you ever wanted to organize your SVGs and wished that you can tag them so you can easily find them?

This program will
  • Import your SVGs
  • Give you the Ability to Search
  • Add Search Tags
  • PNG Export
  • SVG Export


Does this program Search Folders within Folders?

Yes you will be able to drop and drag an entire directory into the viewer and once it comes to a folder it will search inside that folder. Then it will go back to the directory above to look for more SVGs

Apple computers can already preview and find SVGs by name...

You are correct that Apple computers will preview automatically but this program will search deep within a directory thus making it faster and more convenient for you. If you didn't have this program you would have to open each folder manually trying to find the file you are looking for.


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