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Sure Cuts a Lot 6 Special Offer

Sure Cuts a Lot 6 is a powerful design tool that works with over 50 brands of cutters. Even if you own a Cricut or a Scan N Cut, you can still use this software to create your designs.

Classroom Only

SCAL 6 Classroom

Videos and Manual

  • Many Hours of Training
  • No Ads
  • Many Topics You Care About

Bundle Deal And Save

Software and Classoom

This is the best deal out of all 3

  • ScrappyDew Classroom
  • SCAL 6 Program
  • Vault Member Access to Patterns
  • Too Cute By Jessica Patterns

Meet Your Instructors

Sandy McCauley

I’m an engineer by degree but became so hooked on my first hobby cutter that I created a business,, to provide software and hardware support for other cutter owners.

During the past 15 years, I’ve been contracted by 6 different companies, written 25 user manuals, taught software and cutter classes at 10 retreats, and made hundreds of videos covering different vector programs used by cutter owners. Teaching, testing, and documenting are my passion! And my #1 commitment to customers has always been based on a single goal: to make them successful!

Rob VanArsdall

I went to college to become an educator (I actually wanted to teach physics) and had an opportunity to join the US Army during my senior year of college. While in the military (serving 12 years) I still felt a calling to teach and educate. In 2009 my wife and I created ScrappyDew website. She worked on the crafting side of things while I worked on educating people how to use the crafting software that we represented (Youtube Subscribers over 24000).

Technology has always came easy for me to master and while it may be easy for me I can help explain it to you in a way that will allow you to become a pro in no time. All of our videos are short and concise and the course has ZERO ADS. Youtube may have a few videos out there but none are as thorough or organized.

SCAL 6 Online Course Only


  • Over 8 Hours of Short Video Lessons ($75 Value)
  • Facebook Help Group
  • ScrappyDew Vault Membership ($20 value)
  • 250+ Page User Manual with Video Hyperlinks

SCAL 6 Course + SCAL 6


  • Sure Cuts a Lot 6 Software ($75 Value)**
  • Over 10 Hours of Short Video Lessons ($75 Value)
  • Facebook Help Group
  • ScrappyDew Vault Membership ($20 value)
  • 250+ Page User Manual with Video Hyperlinks

SCAL 6 Program Only + Get You Started Video Collection


  • Sure Cuts a Lot 6 Software ($75 Value)**
  • Windows or Mac compatible
  • Install on two computers
  • Top 10 Videos that are from our course are in this package ($50 Value)
  • Turning off Keep Items on Mat(video)
  • Exporting SVG's and Proper Sizing(video)
  • Invisible Shapes(video)
  • Locking Layers - Grouping Items(video)
  • How to use Outline Only(video)
  • Importing Images(video)
  • How to Update Your Software & More...(video)

Classroom Benifits

Things you will not have to do if you buy SCAL 6 Classroom

    Waste time trying to figure out how functions work

    Take notes because the vidoes can be watched repatedly

    Search the INternet for other SCAL tutorials or videos

    Waste money buying files because you can now create your own

    Find a SCAL expert because we will answer your questions

Things you WILL have to do if you buy the SCAL5 Classroom

    Follow the easy instructions on how each function works

    Practice what you see in the videos to reinforce the information

    Start designing on your own and take pride in your successes!

Course Outline

** All purchases of Sure Cut a Lot 6 are final as Serial Numbers can not be reused.