Logging Into Your Classroom For The First Time

(Purchased from 3rd Party Vendor or Pre Dec 2020)

Sometimes getting started with the Classroom will appear difficult at first but we will make sure that we have you going though the correct process.

The question that you will have to ask yourself is did you purchase from ScrappyDew or did you purchase the seat from a 3rd party (CrafteEdge..etc).

If you bought it from ScrappyDew then you will need to check your email. Sometimes it will be in your Junk Email. If you can not find it - Send us a message on the contact form.

If you bought it from a 3rd Party then you should have received a "Coupon Code" or a link and that will be used on ScrappyDew Classic Classroom The instructions below you should be able to follow for the Classic Classroom that 3rd Party Vendors will give you.

  1. You will need to check your email for the invoice.
  2. If you didn't get the email please check your Junk Folder. Sometimes our mail goes to the junk folder because mail clients will recognize ScrappyDew as spam.

  3. The invoice should look like the following.
  4. Your receipt will have the "Coupon Code" that we will need in order to make your enrollment into the course free and bypassing payment.

  5. Visit ScrappyDew's Classroom
  6. Go to the ScrappyDew Classroom SCAL 5 Page. Click the Green Enroll Button at the Top

  7. Select the $75 Course Option
  8. Even though the course says $75 we are going to make it free using the coupon code that you copied to your clip board in Step 1.

  9. Apply the Coupon Code
  10. Click the Add Coupon Button - you will be pasting your coupon to that field making it free for you to enroll since you already purchased the course.


You should be all complete and logged into the course. If you are still having issues please contact us.