How to Add Fonts for Cricut Design Space for Mac and Windows

Mac Version
Windows Version

The more you use Cricut Design Space the more you may want to try new things and expand your creativity. In this lesson we are going to show you how you can add a font that you have downloaded from the internet and get it to show up in Cricut Design Space.


  • Find the font you want to download.
  • Be very careful on the sites that you visit you do not want to get a virus. Usually people will choose as their choice.

  • Install the font by unzipping the folder and double clicking the font TTF is what you will want to stick with.
  • Too many fonts installed on your computer may slow it down. So do not go font crazy.

  • Close out of design space.
  • That way we can refresh the font list the next time we load it.

  • Open Design Space back up.
  • The font should be there.

  1. You will need to find the font that you would like to use in Design Space.
  2. Here are a few font sites that you may want to visit.

    Be careful when using sites that have advertisements on them you may get confused with download links.

  3. Unzip the folder
  4. Mac users can double click the folder to unzip it.

    Windows users will have to right click the file and Extract All

  5. Go into the new folder you see without a zipper on it and install the TTF file.
  6. You will want to double click the file in order to install it.

  7. You will need to save your project and close the tab or exit the program for desktop version.
  8. Once you reopen Cricut Design Space you will be able to use your font that you just downloaded.

  9. Select the font and click on the font selector menu at the top.
  10. Select system font and type in the filter the font name that you downloaded.
  11. You should be able to see your font.