Keeping Your Design In the Same Spot

Back Story

The back story on this is that we are so used to having items exactly where we would like them to cut only to have Cricut Design Space to throw all of our shapes around the mat when we try to cut. We had to think of a work-around that would allow us to accomplish this task.

The video above walks you through how to accomplish this. Below we have the highlights of the 6 minute video.

So again here is the problem with Cricut Design Space. But when you click "Go" you will see that the shapes are not where you left them and you have to manually drag them again to where you want.

simple tag in design space

We would like the image in this location that you see above in this photo.

scrappydew tag on go mat

But shows up in the corner. We do not want that.

The other thing that we need to notice is that by default and you can not change this by the way is the 1/4 of an inch boarder what is considered the no cut zone. No cuts will happen in this area. Cricut explore mats are 12 x 12 but cuttable area is 11.5 by 11.5 and we have to keep this in mind otherwise it will not work correctly.

cuttable area


  1. We need to add a small square to the top left corner of the mat.
  2. The exact spot that we need to place this smal square is Position X: .25 and Positin Y: .25

  3. Use the Edit Menu to input the exact X and Y
  4. You can enter in those values and see the square jump to where it needs to go.

  5. Move your shape to where you would like.
  6. Now you can move your shape to where you would like it to cut. We do not want to touch that tiny square in the top left that is going to be used as our Anchor or Reference Point.

  7. Select Everything and Click the Attach Button
  8. The attach button will make it so that the shapes are using each other as a reference when you click the go button.

  9. Notice that everything is exactly how we had it on our design layout.
  10. You will still see that tiny square at the top. Yes it will cut out but it's so tiny it's not really going to do anything. If you are worried about this you can always turn that into a draw shape.


So the take away on this is - We wish design space would allow us to cut exactly where we have things on the mat. As you can see the video is old and design space developers still haven't given us that feature. Until then we will have to use this method.