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We have ScrappyDew Live Webinars once a week and by signing up you'll be notified what day we're having it and the topics that we will be covering.

Scrappy Dew's Live Events!

So you know one of the great things about being apart of the ScrappyDew Team is that we all enjoy helping others. And we're going to start hosting live events via Google's Hangout On Air (HOA). One of the benefits of doing these live events is we get the opportunity to interact with you the viewer live. So if you have a question on the topic we are demonstrating you can get your answer right then and there.

Feel Free to Spread the ScrappyDew Love and Tell others about our Tutorials!

  • Watch Live and Learn We have a skilled panel that know different/ easier ways to accomplish a task.
  • Not software specific We’re not limiting this show to just one software program. Whether it’s Sure Cuts A Lot, Make the Cut, Silhouette Studio or Cricut Design Space.
  • Live Q & A The benefit of attending a live event is that you get to have your questions answered live! If something's not making sense we'll show you.
  • Sign up for Newsletter Newsletter specifically for the live events. We'll send you a reminder letting you know when our next event is.
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